Georgia Construction Careers

Welcome to Georgia Construction Careers, a subsidiary of the Atlanta and North Georgia Building Trades Council (ANGBTC). We are dedicated to attracting, educating, and employing people interested learning a skill and pursuing careers in the construction and building trades.

Our focus in on the stability of employment and economic security of organized construction workers in Atlanta & North Georgia. Our purpose is to create more work opportunities, achieve living wages, and protect benefit standards, not just for the members of our local unions and union affiliates, but for all construction workers.

The important work of ANGBTC is in the detail and the daily implementation of policy, including legislative and governmental affairs; field services; and labor-management relations. Organized construction workers have achieved a powerful voice in government, in bargaining and in their communities. Since 1974, ANGBTC has worked to improve the lives of working families so as to bring economic justice to the workplace and social justice to our community. To accomplish this mission we will build and constantly seek to improve the American labor movement here in Georgia.


Huge Opportunity in the Construction Trades in North Georgia